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At Prairie Graphics, we have two full-time artists on staff to help you put your ideas into reality. Whether you have everything ready to go (read Artwork Submission Guidelines below), have an idea sketched out on a cocktail napkin, or don’t even have a clue as to where to begin, we’re here to help.

Generally you will not incur an art charge at Prairie Graphics. If you’re buying items from us, we figured we’d be decent about things and throw in the art for free. Really. You read that right. NO art charges. Usually. Okay, sometimes we have to charge like when you just want art and nothing printed. Or if you take our artwork to another printer somewhere. Or you made rude comments about the artist’s mother.

artwork submission guidelines

File formats:
Adobe Illustrator: .ai; .eps; .pdf & Corel: .cdr
When possible, please save your files down to Illustrator version CS6 or lower. Please convert all fonts to outlines/curves. Remember to include any linked files and fonts.

Adobe Photoshop: .psd; .eps; .pdf

When possible, please save your files down to Photoshop CS6 or lower. Please rasterize any layers containing text. Remember to leave layers intact (don’t flatten your image). Please save your artwork at the correct size of 300dpi. Switching off anti-aliasing is also a pretty good idea.

Microsoft Word or Publisher: .doc; .docx; .pub

While we can read these formats, please be aware that these programs are not ideal for our purposes. Your artwork will have to be re-created/imported into a PostScript editing program and can delay production to accommodate the conversion.


Microsoft Paint: .bmp; .pcx
Ha ha! Very funny. Yes, we can see your image. No, we cannot print from it. Our art department doesn’t get the joke and probably never will, even if we spend all day explaining it to them. Still, we can make this work. Who cares if the art geeks are elitist snobs? Heaven forbid we cut into their nap time.

a special note on images from the interwebs: .jpg; .gif, .png

While we can use such images for reference, please be aware that images of this nature are unacceptable for our needs. If you have taken an image from the internet, it is highly likely that unless you are the author/artist, the image is protected by copyright and is illegal to use for reproduction.

Files under 8mb may be sent in an email to

Please contact us for instructions on how to send files larger than 8mb.

We can also retrieve artwork from these devices:

  • USB Thumb drives
  • CDR, DVD-R
  • Compact Flash
  • Smart Media
  • Memory Stick
  • Cocktail Napkins

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