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Embroidery is a centuries old method of decorating fabric with thread. Many stitches are sewn tightly together to form a solid-looking image. Whereas it all used to be done by hand, today high-tech computer controlled machines do the meticulous work. Prairie Graphics added embroidery to the mix in 1993. We now operate several machines capable of sewing multiple items in a single pass. The fabric to be sewn is placed in a wooden or plastic hoop, and the hoop is attached to the embroidery machine. The machine moves the hoop for each stitch, and eventually, a full design emerges.

The machines are capable of sewing nearly 1000 stitches per minute, to an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter. From caps, to embroiderypolo shirts, to jackets, to towels, if we can hoop it, we can sew it. Prairie Graphics is able to sew on just about any flexible material, including cottons, blends, leather, vinyl, and silk.

Prairie Graphics also offers in-house digitizing of your design. The term 'digitizing' in this instance means placing stitches, directing the flow of the design, and controlling thread direction and stitch type. Our expert staff can assist you in adding life and dimension to your existing logo, or we can design a new one for you!